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Twenty of Otley's former pubs are listed in  alphabetical order:

The Blue Bell
This pub closed down in 1928. It was situated in what is now Manor Square and is now part of the National Westminster Bank. There were stables and a brew house in the rear yard (now Bay Horse Court) which were accessed from Clapgate. It became a confectioner's shop when the pub closed and the bank subsequently extended their premises as seen at centre of the photograph.

The Cock & Bottle
 This pub closed in 1920 after police objections when the licence was up for renewal. Situated between The Rose & Crown and the Junction pubs in Bondgate, the property now forms part of Bondgate Bakery as seen left of picture.

The Green Man
This pub closed in 1883. It was situated in Kirkgate on the site of what is now Rhythm & Booze and adjacent to The Red Lion and Whitakers pubs.

The George
This pub closed in the early 20th century when the block in Market Place near to the Bay Horse Pub was demolished to make way for a block of shops.

The Grey Horse
This pub closed in 1849 having been and inn since c1790. It was situated in Kirkgate on the rebuilt the site of the Yorkshire Bank.

The Half Moon
This pub closed in 1971. Situated in Westgate it is now a retail shop.
It was built in 1759 as a dwelling house and became an inn in the late 1700's.

Leeds House
This pub closed in 1962. Situated in The Market Place it is now a licensed café. The property, originally two cottages and a small butcher's shop, probably dates to the late 19th century.

The Mason's Arms
This pub closed in 1981. Situated in Westgate it is now a private house called The Old Mason's Arms. Originally two dwelling houses it became a pub under the name of The Skinner's Arms but was subsequently demolished and rebuilt as a single dwelling and became a Beershop and later The Mason's Arms.

The Melbourne Vaults
This pub closed in 1973. The building which is adjacent to The Bay Horse Pub, probably dates to the 17th century and became a pub in 1800. Actually in Boroughgate it was originally called The Vaults but  changed its name when it was taken over by Melbourne Brewery in 1942.  Another example of pub 'pairing' it shared outside toilets with the Bay Horse. When The George was in existence there would have been three pubs in a row.

The New Inn
This pub closed in 1988. Situated in the Market Place next to the Black Bull, it was an inn in 1822 and had a brew house and stables in the adjoining yard. Around 1921 a shop and cottage was incorporated into the pub. The property subsequently became commercial premises and is now occupied by Superdrug.

The Queen's Head
This pub closed in 1955. It was situated in Kirkgate where the property is now
occupied by a PDSA charity shop. A date stone high on the front façade of the building reads : 1744 SRS.

The Royal Oak
This pub closed c1971. This listed building, originally of three stories, dates to c1651 and is situated at the corner of Clapgate and Bridge Street (formerly Northgate) It is now a solicitor's offices. The inn stables were on the opposite side of Bridge Street but were demolished in the 1920's for road widening.

The Royal White Horse
This pub closed in 1973. Situated at the junction of Westgate and Manor square on the opposite corner to The Black Horse, the building dates to 1865 and was built on the site of an older pub, part of which still remains to the rear. It was the only Posting House in Otley and had stabling for some 70 horses. It was originally known as The White Horse and gained its Royal prefix when in 1876, the Duke of Connaught stayed there and his room, situated to the right of the balcony, became known as The Prince Arthur Room. Public proclamations were often made from the balcony. The building now contains a bank and offices with apartments above.

The Star Inn
This pub closed in 1920. The building is situated in Newmarket and is now a fish and chip shop. It was originally a domestic dwelling and became an inn in the late 19th century. The building has the familiar corner doorway which is still in use.

The Summercross
This pub closed in 2007. It is situated in Pool Road at its junction with Ings Lane and West Busk Lane and evolved from a domestic dwelling around the mid 19th century. Extensive structural changes were made in about 1937 and the former stable block was demolished. Since its closure, planning permission has been granted for the building to be converted into a care home but no progress has been made.

The Traveller's Rest
This pub closed in 1884. Situated on the Blubberhouses Road next to The Roebuck it is now a private house. It was known locally as 'The Malice' due to an incident which involved this pub and the adjacent pub, The Roebuck. Apparently a Traveller's Rest regular called at The Roebuck first and when he went next door the landlady refused to serve him saying that if he could call at the other pub first he could go back there. The man said that it was "nowt but spite and malice" and the two names stuck and the Roebuck is still known as 'The Spite'.

The Westbourne
This pub closed in 2007. Situated in Bradford Road the property is now an Indian Restaurant. It was purpose built as a pub in c1940.

The Wharfedale
This pub closed in 1907. Now demolished it was situated at the bottom end of what is now Crossgate. Originally called The Carpenter's Arms, the building probably dated back to the 17th century.

The Woolpack
This pub closed in 2009. Situated in Bondgate this listed building was originally an 18th century dwelling house and in 1827 it was known as The King's Arms It is now a music and arts centre. It still retains the pub sign outside'

The Yeoman
This pub closed in 2009. It is situated in Gay Lane and probably became a pub in 1846 when the property was purchased by an Otley man. Originally called The Waterloo and then The Fountain it became the Yeoman in 1986. It is presently advertised 'to let'.

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