Saturday, 26 April 2014


and Newtondale
Apart from a forest halt in lovely Newtondale, the next stop on the Moors Railway is at Levisham Station. This station is reached by road from the A169 from Pickering to Whitby, through the tiny village of Lockton. The pretty village of Levisham is situated to the east on the plateau high above Newtondale and the road drops steeply to the station where is then becomes just a forest track.

Newton-Upon-Rawcliffe is on a plateau to the west on the opposite side of Newtondale on the very southern edge of the national park just four miles from Pickering. This is a very pretty village where the few farms and cottages cluster around a village green with duck pond.

The entrance to the village follows a steady climb up from Pickering and is flanked by the Methodist Chapel on the left and the former school room on the right.

Once a busy agricultural village, many of the little farms and cottages have been given over to tourist accommodation

The village shop and post office is now closed but the pub with its small camp site continues to trade

The views from the village over Newtondale are spectacular.

The weather can be inhospitable on this high ground.


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