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The town centre is on the west side of the river where there are modern shops and a supermarket.  Baxtergate is the main street .


Pedestrians and vehicles must wait for the bridge to re-open 
when river traffic has passed through.

Baxtergate is on the opposite side to the left.


The Old Smuggler in Baxtergate with Loggerheads Yard alongside abounds in tales of smuggling and there are rumours of a tunnel connecting to the harbour.



There are several alleyways and yards leading through to the harbour side.

Pier Road on the east side of the river estuary is where the
few fishing boats unload their catch.

On the other side of the road there are a few amusement arcades
and souvenir shops.

At the end there is a bandstand leading onto the outer piers and the road swings up to the left. With the unusual name of  Kyber Pass it leads up to the West Cliff where there is a promenade lined with hotels and guest houses.


On the cliff edge Captain Cook surveys the scene.

A favourite attraction in Whitby is the old steam bus and charabanc.
This 1931 steam wagon was converted into a 30 seat bus to carry tourists round the town.

Whitby still maintains a rail link to Teeside but the old lines to Scarborough and to Pickering fell under the Beeching axe in the 1950's. However the North York Moors Steam Railway now runs between Whitby and Pickering providing a useful link from Whitby to the Heartbeat village of Goathland.
Goathland appears in the next blog.

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