Wednesday, 21 May 2014


On the B6265 road between Ripon and Pateley Bridge strange and fantastic natural rock formations can be seen on an area of moorland overlooking Nidderdale, some 1,000 feet above sea level.

Know as  Brimham Rocks, they are unique amongst natural rock formations throughout Europe and appear to be the result of receding glaciers of the last ice age, denuding a thick fragmented layer of gritstone, which down the centuries was eroded by the action of wind, rain and frost.  Softer layers in the sandstone eroded quicker than the harder deposits and as a result individual rocks have been left in shapes as fantastic as they are grotesque, with profiles that bear striking resemblances to animals and other objects.   The most famous is the idol rock, said to weigh some 200 tons and is supported on a pedestal not more then 15” thick.  Others are the Anvil, Elephant, Turtle, Lion, Dog, Space Ship and many more.

The area is now under the care of the National Trust.




The Idol Rock



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